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Monday, June 12, 2017

Know-It-All HET Women who know NOTHING about Lesbians

Due to the overwhelming amount of ongoing ignorance bleating from the mouths of know-it-all-privileged (Het) Women, who while knowing shit all about Lesbians (aside from the heterocentric Queer/STRAIGHTBIAN/Hasbian/I-kissed-a-girl-and-I-liked-it faux "lesbians" they are or know or know of) continue to use their Heterosexual ideas of Lesbian to further whatever deluded agenda they are arguing at the moment! With no thought or care how THEIR warped ideas of Lesbian harm and damage Lesbians!

And whenever LESBIANS point out their inaccuracies, we are confronted with shock and dismay for either not accepting help from our allies (who the fuck asked them for help?) or for not being grateful for their warped input/interest!

Here are a just a few of the outright LIES (Het) Women are saying to/about Lesbians, followed by the actual TRUTH about Lesbian lives/Lesbian experiences:

1) Lie: "Trans Women are pressuring/tricking Lesbian youths into having sex with them."
Truth: This is a HUGE bald face fucking lie! Dykes, no matter the age are NOT tricked into sex with men! Dykes are not ignorant, nor weak, nor infuckingclined on having sex with men--no matter how said man presents himself! Clearly know-It-All HET Women have never been to a Lesbian bar/Mixed Gay bar or a Lezzie softball game. MCDs (medicalized cross dressers) are not exactly lining up to approach Dykes for anything, let alone sex! And if for some bizarre reason they were? They'd be in for a rude fucking awakening when they realized Lesbians do not resemble their heterosexual fantasies Het women so often prop up/produce or just plain are! The LESBIAN TRUTH IS: the only females MCDs fuck with/fuck-are STRAIGHT

2) Lie: "There is no difference between Lesbian female biology and STRAIGHT female biology.
Truth: Whenever Lesbians bond over our similarities with each other or our common differences with (Het) Girls/Women, know-It-All HET Women immediately go into (often passive, usually cutting/snarky) attack mode (really making our point here easy, but they are too Het to understand why) or quickly labeling/accusing Lesbians of being aggressive or crazy etc./acting like men/being mean/acting impolite/not being a good "sister" to all women. The LESBIAN TRUTH IS: Lesbians ARE biologically different, indicated in the least sense by our attraction alone! Attraction that occurs where? Wait for it.....wait for it......our LESBIAN brain! Know-It-All HET Women cannot see/process/function past their own privileged biology to appreciate anyone else's. 

3) Lie: "Lesbians have no data/studies to prove we are different, so therefore, we are not."
Truth: Apparently 5,000 years of Lesbians does not constitute "proof"! When proofs are pointed out via Lesbian experiences, Lesbian brain processes, Lesbian lives, know-It-All HET Women either dismiss actual Lesbians in favor of their own deluded/misguided SEXUAL experiences with Women (not Lesbians), their own notions of Lesbian from warped/fucked up and usually sexually abused Straight women (Feminists/RadFems/Queer/Bi), they disparage everything Lesbians say, they close ranks with others like themselves to wall off all truths about Lesbian lives, loves, and Lesbian experiences. The LESBIAN TRUTH IS: know-It-All HET Women REFUSE to see or acknowledge Lesbian biology, because in doing so they would have to look in the mirror at their own. Know-It-All HET Women fear what that mirror would reveal more than they fear death itself and THAT is the fucking TRUTH!

Lesbians: be proud of our differences, because unlike Heterosexual females, those differences for their many difficulties amid a rocky sea of Heterosexuality allows us to feel and enjoy life in ways Heterosexual female brains only passively dream-if they're lucky. 



  1. I was wondering, how come almost all lesbian stories are told by non-lesbians? I get the being vastly outnumbered, braindrain of the most talented to create professionally for hetworld, and being colonized by straightbians, but even with that, there should be more active creators I feel. So why aren't there more lesbians producing lesbian stories? The only one with a body of work about lesbians I can think of is Alison Bechdel.

    1. I think there's a number of reasons that Straightbians have dominated publications/media/studies/etc., speaking for Lesbians, including the ones you already mentioned. I think the main reason is straight privilege. Being heterosexual, these women have connections and privileges that Lesbians do not have. And, as the saying goes, it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know, that matters in such situations.

      And I am not an Alison Bechdel fan myself, since she sucks up to the pro-trans, "genderqueer", "nonbinary" BS ideology. Plus, I take issue when someone calls herself "butch" when she is NOT. It's misleading to the general public.

    2. What if lesbians owned and operated independent presses/distribution systems etc.

    3. Indeed, that would be ideal; the usual barriers would apply, of course: money, time, inclination, knowledge/experience to successfully run/market the business...PLUS, doing all of the above without the connections and straight privilege enjoyed by the Straightbians like Susie Bright and JoAnn Loulan.

  2. Okay, Okay *Deeeeep breath. I just googled Rita Mae Brown "Rubyfruit Jungle" to add to Lesbian writers for anonymous. What in the flying fuck has she done to herself?!

    I remember the pure joy reading "Rubyfruit Jungle" it came out in '73, but didn't read until the 80's. The Lesbian protagonist is Molly Bolt, who not only embraces her Lesbianism,but doesn't kill herself!

    In a recent interview, Rita Mae Brown says this,

    Given Brown’s LGBT literary legacy, I was surprised when Brown told the Washington Post after being asked why the Lammy Awards matter, “I really don’t know because I don’t think that way. I love language, I love literature, I love history, and I’m not even remotely interested in being gay.”

    Really?! From her photos on Google images, I believer her. She now looks more like Barry Manilow with a sprinkle of Liberace. I'm sure she thinks of her past lesbian relationships, one being with Martina Navratilova, as being just a phase.

    I am no doctor, but it is obvious to me, she has been taking T. Lots of it.

    eeeegads :(

    1. The main character in Ruby is bisexual/incestual. Rita, like her character was NEVER a Lesbian and it's been obvious for years she's on T. Rita and the"Lavender Menace", like all STRAIGHTBIANS were/are only a menace to Lesbians!


    2. Ha! Interesting you mention Rubyfruit Jungle. When unpacking yesterday, I came across my very old copy of it, and said to Dirt, "Wouldn't it be interesting to read this NOW?". I think I will do so when I get a chance.

      If I recall correctly, the main character, Molly, does sleep with males, including her male cousin. I have to agree with Dirt about that making the character sooooooo not Lesbian.

      But I recall, however, reading it in the 80's and, like you, being glad we had an (alleged!) Lesbian book.

      Here's my thoughts about that: I think that Lesbians are so starved for any sort of story that we hungrily lap up the scraps that are thrown at us. I think that is what happened with Rubyfruit Jungle. I think we latched onto it, not because it's an accurate representation of our Lesbian lives, but rather because it was a bone thrown when we were hungry.

      And I don't know what has happened to her either, but you are right. Yikes.

      Whatever the case, Rita Mae is not a Lesbian and she is a sell-out disgrace too.

    3. Boy oh boy Dr. Bennett, you nailed it! I just do not recall any bisexuality or incestuous context in the book. I ONLY remember what I WANT to remember, yes, hanging onto every word that remotely resembled my life back then. Nearly 35 years have gone by and it would be curious albeit hurl worthy to re-read after living an entire lifetime.

      As far as her being on boat-loads of T, I totally missed that nonsense entirely.

    4. I totally agree. I did the exact same thing with Xena. I used to freaking LOVE Xena. Even at the time, I was somewhat aware of the problems that spoiled the "subtext" ~ flirting with men, etc. ~ but I CHOSE to ignore it in favor of my Xena/Gabrielle fantasies. When we recently saw reruns on TV, I was like "WHAT THE HECK??" I saw, for the first time, INCREDIBLY CLEARLY how UN-Lesbian it all really was. I saw what I wanted, and remembered what I wanted. So, yes, I agree that is what we do, like you said, hang on every word to try to make it fit. We deserve better.

  3. LOL "lesbians have different brains and biology from straight women!" (to "prove" stupid, false point.) Meanwhile: "trans people have the same brains and biology of their true sex proved by "mumble mumble pseudodelusionalthinkingdumbbullshitispoutbecauseidiotnonsense" (in direct conflict with stupid, false point above.) You aren't even a good troll. How do you get so many other dipshits to show up here and concur with your idiocy?

    1. LOL @ Anon June 16, 2017 at 11:14 AM. You apparently think you are smarter and wittier than you actually are. Learn to understand what you read, and then get back to us in a decade when you've finally mastered basic comprehension. The only dipshit in this conversation is YOU, Einstein. So go crawl back into whatever hole you slithered out of and leave the commenting to people who actually understand the topic.


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